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House Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Essentials work to the standards demanded by all current legislation and HSE approved codes of practice, as a minimum.

Protect your family from the dangers of asbestos

Exposure to asbestos in your home is a serious health and safety risk. If you have an older home that you are renovating or thinking of renovating, then be aware that asbestos may be present in building materials, roof sheeting, ceilings or insulation and should be removed.

Facts about asbestos in the home

Homes built before the 1980s could expose homeowners, their families and others to asbestos possibly hiding in cement, floor tiles, insulation, walls and pipes.

In the era of do-it-yourself home renovations, many homeowners are knocking down ceilings and walls and tearing out floor tiles and old pipes. But in their efforts to upgrade and beautify their older homes, they might unknowingly be contaminating the air they breathe with toxic asbestos fibres.

Asbestos Essentials can provide you with information about asbestos, its dangers, what to do if you suspect it’s in your home, the dos and don’ts when handling asbestos and other useful information to keep you, your family and others safe in your home.

Asbestos Related Lung Cancer Deaths each year.

Where you can find asbestos in the home

Asbestos Essentials work to the standards demanded by all current legislation and HSE approved codes of practice, as a minimum.

Many homes and public structures, such as schools, government housing and office buildings built before the 1980s, contain asbestos materials in:

  • Attic insulation
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Asbestos cement
  • Roof shingles
  • Steam pipes
  • Ceiling and Floor Tiles
  • Textured paint
  • Spray-on insulation
  • Some forms of linoleum
  • Window caulking and glazing
  • Roofing material
  • HVAC duct insulation
  • Siding material
  • Plaster

Common exposure scenarios

Asbestos exposure in your home can occur in different ways: DIY renovation, drilling through drywall or replacing an old pipe. The following scenarios describe how homeowners can expose themselves to asbestos at home.

  • Attic renovation
  • Drilling into asbestos in drywall
  • Removing vinyl floor tiles
  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Cutting insulation on pipes

Why should you remove asbestos?

Asbestos can be extremely dangerous to your and your family’s health. Ensure you meet health and safety standards by getting all hazardous asbestos removed from your property.

Breathing in airborne asbestos fibres is a serious risk to your health – once the fibres are breathed in, they lodge in the lungs and may cause lung cancer or mesothelioma. Asbestos Essentials are highly skilled in removing asbestos from residential properties.

How we can help

Asbestos Essentials have over fifty years of residential asbestos removal experience, ensuring all work is completed to the very highest standard. Our highly trained team are licensed to work with and safely remove asbestos and asbestos-containing materials.

Asbestos Essentials are fully licensed by the HSE for all types of asbestos removal. We have one of the most experienced asbestos removal teams and we are insured and certified to the highest level.

We know that asbestos removal can be costly but if done correctly with the right project manager we can keep your asbestos removal cost affordable.

What we do for you
Qualified asbestos site evaluations

We can carry out an asbestos survey and site evaluation. Our qualified asbestos inspectors can identify potential asbestos risks within your home.

Safe asbestos removals

Our team of asbestos professionals have the experience, industry recognition and practical background to handle asbestos removal projects of any size.

Certified disposals

After safely removing the asbestos waste, the waste is disposed of quickly at approved local authority refuse sites.

Our process

We follow stringent guidelines undertaken in accordance with current UK Legislation and Asbestos Regulations and Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes complying with all statutory regulations to prevent the spread of asbestos. We adhere to strict Asbestos Legislation meaning that our Removal is safe and to the highest standards. To ensure complete and safe residential asbestos removal we use a combination of highly sophisticated equipment with approved techniques and procedures.

We are fully licensed asbestos contractors

We have fully licensed asbestos contractors with many accreditations. We can provide a holistic project solution for big home projects. Giving our clients complete peace of mind for residential asbestos removal.

Our safety standards

Safety and protection of the environment are our main priority and we will not compromise on these standards, our Management Team, Site Supervisors and Site Operatives are fully trained and competent to undertake all types of asbestos removal and maintenance in a safe working environment.

Further, we insist on managing all of our projects to industry best practice levels maintaining a level of professionalism our clients have come to expect. Rigorous and detailed site audits are undertaken, on a regular basis, to ensure our quality control procedures are maintained and exceeded.

When we undertake asbestos removal, you will be allocated a dedicated Contract Manager who will ensure effective communication with all involved, to make sure everything is done on time, on budget and in the safest way possible.

The service delivered by Asbestos Essentials has been unrivalled. The project was delivered with no hindrance, a survey followed by risk assessment and removal – everything went smoothly and efficiently. 

“I am the appointed Principal Designer for the development “45 – 51 Woodhouse Road”… , I could not fault your RAMS and commend you as they are without doubt the best I have ever reviewed.”​Brian Nelson

“Just an email to thank you and in particular for: 1. The speed in returning quotes 2. The quality of the work your men carry out. 3. We only get small to medium sized projects but the service has been fantastic regardless of the size of project. 4. The professional nature work is carried out.
Kind Regards​ Operations Director

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