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Asbestos Surveys

Every Employer in the UK is required by The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 to “Manage Asbestos” in their premises. Asbestos Essentials offer full Asbestos Surveys.
Specialist Asbestos


Every Employer in the UK is required by The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 to “Manage Asbestos” in their premises. This will require the Employer or person in control of the premises, to:

1. ​Find out if asbestos is present in the building.

2. Assess the condition of any Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) which may be there.

3. Survey and Sample for Asbestos if required.

4. Keep a written record or register of any ACMS discovered.

5.Act on the findings of what you have discovered to protect your staff, maintenance workers, contractors, visitors and members of the public.

6. Review and update your Asbestos Management Plan at regular intervals.

There are 2 types of Asbestos Survey.   

“Management Survey” 

The purpose is required to manage ACM during the normal occupation and use of your premises.  The duty-holder can make a Management Survey where the premises are simple and straightforward.  Otherwise, a surveyor is needed.A Management Survey aims to ensure that:

1. nobody is harmed by the continuing presence of ACM in the premises or equipment

2. that the ACM remain in good condition

3. that nobody disturbs it accidentally

The Survey must locate any ACM’s that could be damaged or disturbed by normal activities, by planned or routine maintenance, or by installing new equipment.  It involves minor intrusion and minor asbestos disturbance to make a Materials Assessment.  This shows the risk of ACM, if disturbed, to release fibres into the air.  It guides the client, eg in prioritising any remedial work.​

“Refurbishment and Demolition Survey”

​An R&D Asbestos Survey is required where the premises, or part of it, need upgrading, refurbishment or demolition.  AN R&D Survey does not need a record of the ACM condition to be kept.  Normally, a surveyor is needed for Refurbishment / demolition Surveys.​

A Refurbishment / demolition Survey aims to ensure that:

1. ​No Persons will be harmed by work on any ACM’s discovered in the premises or equipment

2. The work will be undertaken by a competent contractor in the right way 

An R&D Survey must locate and identify all ACM’s before any structural work begins at the location or on stated equipment at the premises.  R&D Surveys involve the destructive inspection and asbestos disturbance and is designed to find all asbestos products so that any ACM’s can be made safe or removed prior to any work being undertaken​.

The service delivered by Asbestos Essentials has been unrivalled. The project was delivered with no hindrance, a survey followed by risk assessment and removal – everything went smoothly and efficiently. 

“I am the appointed Principal Designer for the development “45 – 51 Woodhouse Road”… , I could not fault your RAMS and commend you as they are without doubt the best I have ever reviewed.”​Brian Nelson

“Just an email to thank you and in particular for: 1. The speed in returning quotes 2. The quality of the work your men carry out. 3. We only get small to medium sized projects but the service has been fantastic regardless of the size of project. 4. The professional nature work is carried out. 

Kind Regards​ Operations Director
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